Through our campaign training, we have built a powerful student-led grassroots field program to mobilize voters in school board races. We have helped to elect candidates who are champions for educational equity.

Political Organizing

Our electoral campaigns focus on electing candidates with a students first agenda. We prioritize engaging with communities of color knowing that these are the communities that campaigns and politicians often leave behind. These voters have demonstrated that they have power to elect school board candidates who will fight for better schools for all students.

Voter Turnout

Our young people build deep community relationships and engage voters in campaigns greatly increasing voter participation in local races. We have trained over 400 field organizers who have engaged over 700,000 voters, speaking with hundreds of thousands of voters, winning 14 key races in five cities. In 2017, an independent study showed that voters contacted by Our Turn Action Network were 15-20% more likely to turn out and vote, far outperforming the typical door-knocking efforts.

Building Political Power

We will continue to build political power in the communities where we work. We will endorse school board candidates unafraid to create policies that turn around underperforming schools. Our bold audacious goals for Action Network are to:
1. Ensure courageous elected leaders at the local, state, and federal level willing to take dramatic, bold steps to improve our K-12 schools
2. Create a strong talent pipeline of diverse young people with the skill and passion for political campaign work, elected leadership, and education advocacy
3. Grow a national movement of diverse and directly-affected college students committed to building grassroots political will to win universal quality public education