Our Turn

Since 2014, Our Turn Fellows have advanced their organizing capabilities, connected with a network of like-minded young leaders, and elevated messages that fundamentally change the conversation around education and justice. Our Turn’s Fellowship program is nationally recognized and serves as a pipeline for future community and political leadership.

In the Community

Fellows interact with voters and policymakers in the fight for educational equity. Through talking to voters and political leaders and informing them on key issues, they share their unique insight into the problem and advocate for change. Fellows are often seen organizing school board campaigns, executing canvassing plans, and gathering data to inform voter trends.

"Our team of students is making history this summer in our district. A group of college students has never stood up for positive change in our schools before us."
Ana C.

“The work that we completed this summer was truly transformative, not only for the communities of Denver but for us as individuals. We engaged in a Freedom Summer of our own.”
Wallace W.

Leadership Development

All Fellows gain a wealth of political organizing knowledge and an abundance of leadership skills. Fellows have a flexible schedule of up to 30 hours per week and they participate in a diverse array of activities including:

  • Direct voter outreach such as canvassing and phonebanking to increase voter turnout.
  • Development of persuasive messaging framework.
  • Campaign management and community organizing, including digital organizing.

Driving Change

Our Turn’s Action Network fellows have engaged over 600,000 voters, winning 14 races in 5 key cities. Fellows build deep community relationships and engage voters in campaigns and greatly increase voter participation in local races. They are at the center of our fight for justice and equity in education.