the Whole Child

We are holistic intersectional beings who deserve every opportunity to thrive and maximize our cognitive and emotional development. We demand:

  • Universal free meals that are healthy and nutritious balanced.
  • Hygienic support including but not limited to; Free and ready access to washing machines and showers. Free hygienic and menstrual products.
  • Ending the Digital Divide.
  • Regularly scheduled access to specialized mental and emotional counselors.
  • Emotional quotient courses throughout the Pre-K-16 experience.
Your Voice Matters:
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Creating a more equitable world begins with recognizing that young people need to be cared for holistically. Young people will achieve their full potential when they are supported emotionally, physically and cognitively.

Other issues

Our Turn Action Network is active in multiple states across the nation, working directly with students and community partners to advocate for changes in education policy. Explore other current issues.

Every Child Deserves Economic Dignity

Economic dignity comes in the form of direct access to the middle class. The destructive cycle of poverty can be broken with a college degree or a union job. Schools must prepare every child, regardless of ESL status or disability, to thrive and complete college and or trade school.

Dismantle the School to Prison Pipeline

We need to make schools an incubator for cognitive and socio-emotional development, not breeding grounds for prisons.