Students for Education Reform Action Network is now Our Turn Action Network

Dismantle the
School to Prison Pipeline

We must confront the harsh truth that the school to prison pipeline is man-made and begins in the classroom.

  • Abolish school police programs.
  • Ensuring every child regularly meets with a mental health counselor.
  • An immediate end to all zero-tolerance policies.
  • Capturing disciplinary data, both of the students and adults handing out disciplinary actions. Data must include but not limited to; race, ethnicity, gender identity, special needs, socioeconomic status.
  • Defending undocumented students both on campus and in the community against ICE.
Your Voice Matters:
Sign the Petition to Stop the Criminalization of Students

De-conditioning ourselves from biases and racism will not take place overnight. An immediate tool to dismantle systemic racism is by ending the draconian approach we use on children. We need to make schools an incubator for cognitive and socio-emotional development, not breeding grounds for prisons.

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